About me

Hi! My name is Myrthe Majoor and I'm a filmmaker and illustrator. Animals and nature are key elements to my work and you will find them woven into almost every one of my projects. My concerns for the escalating worldwide environmental situation drive me to use my voice to raise awareness for the preservation and rehabilitation of the natural world.

My current project - the short animated film Home of the Giants - revolves around this theme as well. You can find more on this exciting project underneath this page.

Not only do I create work that fits this subject, I also optimize my working processes to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I use water based inks and paints and rinse off my inking tools and brushes in my water bucket system, instead of in the sink. All the toxins, micro plastics and pigments sink to the bottom of the water bucket and the water slowly evaporates over time. This leaves me with all the sediments you don't want to see disappearing down the drain, which I can responsibly throw away. As an artist, I use a lot of inks and paint, and the difference this method makes on my ecological footprint is huge.

You are most welcome to browse my pages some more to learn about my projects.

Find me on Instagram for more of my process and don't hesitate to contact me for questions, inquiries or assignments. I'm always in for a challenge!

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